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Ok guys i would just like to point some Peddie things out

1. First of all in the begining Eddies sitting next to Patricia and if you stop everyone little secound after he Schools Out you can see he hugs Patricia. Basically at 0:03

2.When they walk out together you the can just about see Patricias dress at the right moment and its Black with this gold stuff.

3. And at 0:13 when Mara turns around u can just about see Patricia and Willow in the background. (i know thats not really peddie but who cares.)

ALSO one thing i dont understand.

Why is a new girl coming at the end of the year , is she in the year below them or in the same year. IF she is in the same year then thats weird graduating with a school you havent even gone to.OH AND I WONDER WHAT DRINK PATRICIA WILL THROW AT HER , IF SHE DOES

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